SG125HV String Inverter

Available for

Australia, Europe, North America, Latin America (ESP), Brasil (PT)

High Yield

  • Patented five-level topology, max. efficiency
  • 98.9 %, European efficiency 98.7 %, CEC efficiency 98.5 %
  • Full power operation without derating at 50 ℃
  • Patented anti-PID function

Saved Investment

  • DC 1500V,AC 600V, low system initial investment
  • 1 to 5MW power block design for lower AC transformer and labor cost
  • Max.DC/AC ratio up to 1.5

Easy O&M

  • Virtual central solution, easy for O&M
  • Compact design and light weight for easy installation

Grid Support

  • Compliance with both IEC and UL safety,EMC and grid support regulations
  • Low/High voltage ride through(L/HVRT)
  • Active & reactive power control and power ramp rate control